Mandala Yoga's Teachers

Greg Allen

Greg Allen first discovered the practice of yoga in 2009. He completed a Vinyasa RYT-200 training in 2013 and a KRI certification in Kundalini Yoga in 2016. Greg has enjoyed a consistent and devoted practice since 2009. His dual training and certifications give him a spiritual depth to his practice of postures and meditation. Grounded in years of personal practice, Greg teaches from a place of humility and invites students to an experience of their own inherent wisdom. In addition to teaching yoga, Greg is a musician and runs a recording studio in Portland.

Dianne Barrett

In the 25 plus years that Dianne has been practicing yoga in New Zealand, Japan, Scotland and the US, she has been most inspired by the Iyengar, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga traditions. As her life unfolds, so has her practice. Her teachings incorporate pranayama, meditation and asana, within a context of contact with Self & surrender. Dianne obtained her 200 hr teaching certification at The Movement Center, here in Portland.

Michelle Barton

Michelle's yoga was born out of the spirit of service. Deeply inspired by her own life journey, and the teachings of Sarahjoy Marsh. Michelle's goal is to make yoga accessible to anyone who would like to experience and enjoy all of the benefits of practice, regardless of physical limitations or past injury. Michelle has advanced teacher training in the area of Therapeutic and Adaptive Yoga. She also has training in PRI inspired yoga, derived from the work of the Postural Restoration Institution of Physical Therapy. She is also a certified teacher of Chinese Essence Qigong, another powerful form of healing movement. Michelle believes that yoga offers valuable tools to help one cope with day to day life. These tools can help relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain and suffering, improve health and guide you to find unity within and peace of mind.

Marla Becker
Marla Becker found herself in love with Kundalini Yoga, "because it works.” Driven by an interest in studying consciousness and a sincere desire to help others, Marla has experienced a variety of yoga and meditation styles and has found over time, many Kundalini Yoga meditations and kriyas she can use herself and with her psychotherapy clients, to target issues with notable positive results. Such as, anxiety and depression, relationship issues, trauma and grief. Kundalini Yoga results in deepened awareness, calmness and well-being. After over 45 years on a spiritual path, teaching and sharing the experiences and information she has absorbed over the decades is extremely fulfilling. Marla’s own daily sadhana practice has had deep and meaningful impact in her own life, and she feels it is extremely rewarding to help facilitate others on their journey of self-exploration and personal awakening. Marla has been a licensed and practicing Marriage and Family Therapist, since 1978. As a yoga teacher, her desire is to help others work through inner obstacles, maximize their individual potential and fully embrace being themselves in this lifetime.

Erik Blender
Erik has been teaching meditation, mantra & breath practices for the past 4 years, and loves to put it all together with a vigorous Kundalini Yoga class. His classes include a diverse range of breath practices, sound current, energetic Kriyas, and melodic mantra for all to join right in. Erik sings and plays live mantra music in class with guitar, and he brings the sound healing current with gong, Tibetan bowls and other sound healing instruments. In addition to teaching Kundalini Yoga, Erik is a singer & song-writer in the healing music group OmTara & a co-founder of the Resonance Restival, a three-day yoga, meditation, movement, sound & wellness gathering in June between Portland & Seattle. Erik feels that a large part of his Sat Nam, or true path, is assisting others in finding or deepening their awakening practice, their dharma, and their service to the Earth. His classes humbly aim to be an opportunity for a deep journey into yogic practice, Self, consciousness & awakening to the Divine.

Signa Cheney
Signa's journey began with the Hatha Iyengar lineage and teacher Gayna Uransky, and continued with many years of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Signa has been teaching yoga since 1989 and is the owner of Mandala. She enjoys helping people experience yoga as a personal and individual path. She considers her own practice a sacred ritual and is passionate about mantra, pranayama, gong, kirtan and the use of sound current in yoga practice. Her classes offer a depth of understanding and connection to various lineages, a love of music and sound healing, as well as the experience of years of personal practice and devotion to the path of yoga. 

Laurel Clohessy

Laurel Clohessy (Deshpal Kaur) grew up with Kundalini Yoga sprinkled throughout her early childhood. She returned to the arms of this practice following the birth of her oldest son. In 2005 Laurel studied with Gurmukh to become a certified Khalsa Way Prenatal teacher. In 2007, she completed the Radiant Child teacher training with Shakta Kaur, and in 2014 Laurel completed her Level 1 KYTT with Sevak Singh Khalsa. Laurel often incorporates poetry and dance movement into her all-levels classes. It is her joy to share these teachings with others, and she sees the powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga as a compass that can always point us forward, as well as return us to the happiest, truest Self.

Ajeet Kaur
Ajeet fell in love with Kundalini Yoga in 1978. She sought out teachers, studied at the Portland Ashram and began attending Yogi Bhajan’s lectures. Since 1999, teaching Kundalini has become a part of her life’s service. When Ajeet teaches, she holds a nurturing space based in neutrality. In this space students find balance in their minds and bodies, while reducing stress in their lives. Ajeet is certified as a Level 2 KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Level 2 Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, Breathwalk Instructor and a KY TeacherTrainer. It is her intention to help students to help themselves, as together we journey into the Aquarian Age. Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself ~ Chinese Proverb

Wah Khalsa
Wah Khalsa was born into the Kundalini Yoga lineage. She is the daughter of renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher Gurmukh Khalsa. When Wah graduated from her community’s spiritual boarding school in India at the age of 18 as a certified yoga teacher, she was blessed to spend the following two years in New Mexico studying directly under her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan. At the age of 21 she fell into the grace of her family’s yoga business, Golden Bridge Yoga. With Wah you will experience a deep authenticity and realness with Kundalini Yoga. Wah offers her true self, and that is what comes through in her teachings - a real, approachable and modern yogi who tastefully brings fun and funk into a deeply-rooted spiritual practice. You can find Wah teaching weekly classes in Portland, OR or catch her on one of her soulful treks around the world. She also offers Kundlaini Dance at Sat Nam Fest East & West.

Vani Kimbrell
Vani has been teaching yoga since 2000. She is thankful to many teachers, including Swami Satchidananda and Yogi Bhajan. She is certified in Hatha Yoga through Integral Yoga, Kundalini Yoga through 3HO, and Pre-Natal Yoga through Whole Birth Yoga. Vani is also a certified doula, through CAPPA. These days Vani spends her free time writing poetry, learning from her granddaughter and learning from the at-risk youth she teaches through a local non-profit program called Street Yoga. 

Maya Luna

Maya Luna (Tara Akasha Kaur), born and raised in Denmark, has been on her yoga and movement journey since the age three. A Modern Dance instructor & choreographer, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, and certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, experiencing the world and the sacred divine through movement is what ‘simply makes sense.’ She found her yoga home about 13 years ago, when she ‘accidentally’ walked into a Kundalini Yoga class. A midwife of positive change, she loves to laugh, dance in the rain, find expansive exquisite vistas to sit and dialogue with her ego, and travel the world in seva doing Karma Yoga. Other interesting aspects of her life include: Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Facilitator & Coach, trained as a Home Birth Midwife, owned her own small Doula business. Her favorite phrase is: “Oh! I didn’t know that! … teach me.” So much to learn and so much to experience in this life time, living in awe and beginner’s mind is what she seeks.

Shalom Mayberg
Shalom is a sound healer, yoga teacher and intuitive energy practitioner. Trained in India and Asia, he offers healing modalities that are practical and useful in everyday life, providing a sense of groundedness and a safe space for people to be present, relax, and heal. Shalom thoughtfully blends Eastern and Western philosophies in a way that is easy to grasp and provides opportunities for growth regardless of experience level. Follow and find out more at

Bibi McGill
An internationally known musician, Bibi McGill is also an acclaimed yoga teacher and wellness educator. She offers traditional Cha Do Chinese tea ceremony, yoga and music around the world. Like yoga, tea is a medicine that opens up the body’s energy channels. Her teas are sourced from trees and bushes as old as 2,000 years, and have been cultivated, grown, harvested and processed by generations of families with the highest integrity. Since discovering yoga in 1998, Bibi has traveled around the world extensively studying and teaching. Bibi enjoys advocating for world betterment, organic gardening and sustainable living.

Mia McManuis

Yoga has been a large part of Mia’s life for the past 10 years. She completed a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2014. Her practice has helped her to grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both in yoga practice and in daily life. Yoga inspires her to live each moment mindfully. During her classes, Mia reminds students to listen to the voice of wisdom within, and connect with a sense of calmness, harmony and balance. She aims to offer practices that will enhance and deepen your senses, bring you into your center, and rejuvenate you to feel whole, and filled with life force and joy.

Pamela started her own yoga practice in 2002, influenced by the joyful teachings of Steve Ross from Maha Yoga in California. She has since studied the masters in many forms: sweating in Bikram, chanting in Bhakti, aligning in Iyengar, stretching in Vinyasa, strengthening in Ashtanga, meditating in Raja, energizing with Shiva Rea, relaxing with Yin, and giggling with Laughter Yoga. She is grateful for her teachers and guides. In 2009 she earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification, with additional trainings, and is qualified to teach Yoga Sculpt, Yoga for Seniors, Hot Power Fusion, Yin Yoga, and Power Vinyasa. Based in Portland, Oregon, she's been guiding group and private yoga classes, workshops, and international retreats for 10 years. Classes with Pamela will encourage you to breath, reach and smile.

Veronika Vogler

Veronika has been a student of yoga as a way of life for over 15 years. An advanced certified Sivananda instructor, 800 hour trained Dharma Yoga teacher, and a long-time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, Veronika currently lives and teaches between Portland and New York City at the world renowned Dharma Yoga Center. In addition to traditional yoga practice, Veronika has spent the last several years studying Cree Native American practices and traveling the world to join in a variety of ceremonies and knowledge exchanges. Veronika's classes are often challenging and deeply informative. She skillfully shares yoga philosophy and yoga lifestyle teachings in her classes and usually offers a complete warm-up, dynamic kriya and transformative meditation. 

Viola Rose is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has been combining music and healing in her own inspired way for over 25 years, and offering sound healing events in the Portland area since 2015. Viola has an extensive background in spirituality and metaphysics, she is an "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" workshop facilitator for Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering. She is also a certified gong practitioner, energy worker, certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Laughter Yoga teacher, a sound healer and an advocate for living from the heart. Viola has a deep love for the profound ability of sacred sound to heal the heart and balance the whole being. Viola is committed to using music to create more beauty in the world and to living with joy. Visit Viola's website for more information.

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What to Know Before a Yoga Class?

Yoga is for everyone - If you can breathe, you can do yoga. This 4 minute introductory video helps you arrive to class prepared for a positive yoga experience.

Why Kundalini Yoga?

Known as the yoga of transformation, Kundalini Yoga is designed to give you real and lasting benefits quickly, which is great in today's modern, busy world!