Mandala's Class Descriptions


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Ecstatic Dance

Freestyle, authentic movement and dance, in shared space. Explore, heal and celebrate the narratives of the human experience without words, by surrendering into the wisdom of your body. Focus inward, on your healing experience, as you dance, breathe, stretch and explore space. These dance sessions aim to return you to your body's intelligence and capacity for self-healing. Sessions begin with guided movement and a theme. Playlists used are tribal, World beat, mantra music, trance flow, and will always include a powerful, bumping section for wild-abandon. Participants are encouraged to focus inward, on their own journey. Space is held for deep, personal practice. Leave fully present in your body, empowered in your freedom, knowing you are your own best healer.


Ganjasana is yoga for those who love ganja and wish to enjoy and maintain an empowered relationship with this medicinal plant. This class is restorative in nature, and will reconnect you with your center and capacity for self-healing. Enjoy pranayama, sound and movement, meditation, authentic voice opening, restorative postures, flow and glow sequences, healing self-massage and other yoga practices. If you do not use marijuana, please feel welcome to choose an herbal tea or other way to commune with the plant world during practice. Empower yourself and the beauty of life. During this practice you will be guided into a deep and reverent space of self-healing, conscious presence within yourself, and communion with a sacred force beyond yourself, and rooted in ancient Earth medicine.

Kundalini Meditation

This class focuses on building a meditative mind and the connection between the body and mind. Move and breathe to open up the pranic channels, as well as practice core strengthening, to support sitting in mediation. Experience Kundalini Yoga meditations to awaken wisdom within, clear the subconscious mind, support the nervous system, enhance intuition, manage stress, and connect you with your inner essence. Kundalini meditations often include pranayama, mantra, drishti, mudras and bandhas. All levels are welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

An all levels practice. We are dedicated to the modern movement of Kundalini Yoga as an ancient lineage and an evolving modern yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga is known for its potency and practical ability to support overall wellness, the health and functioning of internal systems such as immunity, nervous system strength and glandular system balance. It quickly releases stress, deepens your capacity for life, and quiets the mind. Our style includes warm-up movements, asana, kriya, meditations, pranayama, sound and mantra, and relaxation. Kundalini practices often center around exercises done in a seated position, although lying down and dynamic or standing movements are also included. In this practical practice for wellness, creativity is ignited and connection with inner strength empowered. Kundalini is great for people who live full and demanding lives, and need quick, real and lasting stress relief, spiritual connection and well-being. For many centuries Kundalini Yoga was guarded as a secret practice, only for the privileged, and was suppressed and misrepresented to steer people away from the empowerment and liberation it invokes. It is said that kundalini energy awakens our soul and liberates us from suffering and self-imposed limits, by connecting us directly to Source energy and the voice of inner wisdom and knowing. Kundalini Yoga is considered safe and appropriate for everyone, as long as you have good body awareness and feel comfortable modifying postures when needed. Kundalini Yoga releases and rewires old habit patterns, brings forth cleansing and clarity, and supports you to experience your full potential, creativity and joy.

Morning Practice

An invigorating, all levels practice focusing on wellness, through a combination of yoga and pranayama. Experience breathing techniques to create lung health and restore the nervous system, quiet the mind, invigorate and elevate your mood. Move your body in ways that will return you to your natural state of balanced aliveness. This practice offers an amalgamation of yoga, breath work, asana, shaking, dance, sound, and more, inspired by Kundalini and other yoga lineages. Start your day with a deep, centering dive within, connecting to your whole self and creating a healthier, happier you.

Sound Baths

Relax into a healing sound bath, centered around gong. Experience shamanic drumming, voice and mantra, singing bowls, and more. Arise from the sound bath into a guided meditation. Experience vibrational healing that resonates with your body's own capacity for self-healing. Sound medicine supports your body's internal systems, clears the subconscious mind, supports you to connect with Source, and releases and transforms old patterns. Sound healing is an ancient methodology of healing, and is effective in creating lasting change, on multiple levels. 

Yoga Terms Key

Asana - Yoga posture, pose or position
Bandha - Intentional muscle contractions to direct energy flow within the body
Drishti - Gazing at a focal point
Kriya - Yoga set done for a specific outcome or effect
Mantra - Sound vibrations that support brain function and wellness
Pranayama - Breathing exercises to harness life force energy
Savasana - Final integration and resting pose

What to Know Before a Yoga Class?

Yoga is for everyone - If you can breathe, you can do yoga. This 4 minute introductory video helps you arrive to class prepared for a positive yoga experience.

Why Kundalini Yoga?

Known as the yoga of transformation, Kundalini Yoga is designed to give you real and lasting benefits quickly, which is great in today's modern, busy world!